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Vine Village
From a hired hand 

It's hardly visible from the highway,
but once wandered into it,
you won't want to leave.
It's like happening on
a cool pristine spring
when your canteen runs dry
or like a friendly village
after miles of wilderness.
Seldom is heard there
a disheartening word.
The people are like family.
When nobody wants you,
they will take you in.

 - Dennis Johns
Vine Village's Poet Laureate


Vine Village: 
Not Just a Residential Program
But a Real Home and Life

  •  Family-style living environment

  •  Acknowledges Needs for both Independence and Interdependence

  •  Experienced & Caring Staff, low staff turnover (it's a nice place to work)

  •  Assistance and supervision as needed (and only if needed)

  •  Full, Active, Meaningful Lifestyle:

    •  full access to, and participation in all the activities and advantages of living in the greater Napa community: concerts, shopping, library, eating out, movies, sports, recreation, etc.

    •  dances & swim parties

    •  barbecues at Vine Village

    •  bicycling

    •  bocce ball courts

    •  beach trips

    •  eating out

    •  shopping

    •  concerts

    •  movie nights 

    •  continuing education

    •  swimming pool

    •  gardening

    •  pets allowed (by special arrangement)

    •  encouragement to develop crafts & individual hobbies

    •  Annual Vacation to a location of the residents' choosing (lately it's been Tahoe or Reno)

Each resident is encouraged to outfit and decorate their room to reflect their own personality   

Life at Vine Village is full and active. Most people go to jobs or  classes during the day. Others spend the day at Vine  Vine Village Arts or working in the Vine Village gardens. Evenings and on weekends there are lots of activities - both here "at the ranch" as well as in town. 

Bowling teams play every Saturday year 'round.

Vine Village's own swimming pool is popular during the warmer months

Many residents own their own bike, and enjoy cycling around the ranch year 'round.

Seasonally, there are a wide range of sporting teams - swimming, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, bocce ball, softball - all through Napa Valley Special Olympics.


When you're at Vine Village, it feels like you're out in the country, and you are: It's beautiful and quiet. Flowers bloom and birds sing. Chickens, ducks, goats, llamas, donkeys and horses play in the fields.

It feels like Country - But "Out In The Boonies" it's not!

It's less than a mile from the Napa city limits. Vine Village residents use the taxi, the city bus line, the Napa Volunteer Center's "Van-Go," and Vine Village's own staff-driven vehicles, and they are active participants in the greater Napa community, and all it has to offer. 

Most of our staff have been with us for 10 or more years, which is another reason Vine Village's residential program provides stability and security and a feeling of belonging for our residents.

Vine Village Residential Staff:
Janey Bearce, Theresa Gonzales, Laura Koos, Robert McQueen, Emily Brooklyn Stevenson, Tony Tofanelli, Tony Withers  

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Vine Village, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located in the Napa, CA Wine Country
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