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Vine Village
From a hired hand 

It's hardly visible from the highway,
but once wandered into it,
you won't want to leave.
It's like happening on
a cool pristine spring
when your canteen runs dry
or like a friendly village
after miles of wilderness.
Seldom is heard there
a disheartening word.
The people are like family.
When nobody wants you,
they will take you in.

 - Dennis Johns
Vine Village's Poet Laureate


Vine Village Arts & Country Day Program
is a daytime activity program for people with developmental disabilities
who live in the Napa (CA, USA) area.

Vine Village’s Arts and Country Day Program offers clients a wide range of activities, including studio arts, multi-media and computer skills, continuing academic education, gardening, animal care, field trips, social events, music, drama and more. 

Art Studio

The spacious and light-filled art studio is tucked among Vine Village’s gardens, pastures and opens lands, which often provide inspiration for a variety of arts, such as painting, ceramics, mixed media, textile arts, jewelry making. Professional artists and teachers work with the clients and provide a calm atmosphere of mutual respect that nurtures creativity and self-expression.

Some of these pieces produced by our artists are available for sale in our online art store (the proceeds of which are shared between the artist and the program (to replenish supplies) and through our annual holiday craft sale, a perennial Napa Valley favorite. 


Many clients are interested in learning computer skills.

Whitney enjoys computer games

Shawn has become fluent in word processing and published his first book, an autobiography.

Field trips to the rich cultural offerings of the Bay Area and Napa County are a regular part of the program. In early 2014, we took this tour of the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco.

Vine Village artists' work is displayed at various community venues and shows. In December 2013, Vine Village art was featured at the Napa City-County Library, and the artists were honored at a reception.

Music Days

Vine Village has many talented musicians among its staff, as well as many professional musician friends, who donate their time to appear as guests artists with our clients.

Once a week we take time out for Music.  Many clients love to sing and perform.

Click for: ART GALLERY

Country Life

In addition to the arts program, clients enjoy all the 25-acre ranch has to offer: from tending the organic gardens and animals, to exploring the ranch’s open areas, which provide rare nesting grounds for 4 species of egrets and herons, as well as turtles, bobcats, foxes, deer, turkeys, ducks and the occasional golden eagle.

Gardening provides a sense of connection to nature, and results in delicious food and flowers.
Rusty and Skippy the steers are favorite mascots.

"Rusty and Skippy" by Jeffrey Wong

Staff  often bring their well-mannered pets to work—which are often favorites with the art clients. And the dogs inspire some wonderful art.

And the dogs inspire some wonderful art!


The Kerson family are active volunteers with the Bureau of Land management's Wild Horse & Burro Program, and they frequently bring their adopted or training-project Mustangs to work for clients to enjoy.

Through creative activities, participants develop self-esteem, improve communication skills, develop friendships, and have a great time in a well-rounded program of studio arts, multi-media, computer skills, continuing academic education, gardening, field trips, social events, music, video, ceramics, photography, and drama.   

 Vine Village Arts is a division of Vine Village, Inc., a non-profit organization in Napa, CA. Vine Village Arts is licensed by the State of California  Community Care, and vendorized by North Bay Regional Center. 

Staff and clients alike, led by Vine Village's Poet Laureate, Dennis Johns, share National Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day, celebrated annually.

Colleen is working on an illustration of her favorite Shel Silberstein poem, about two boxes of crayons talking to each other.

Annual Holiday Sale

Andrea enjoys weaving and other textile arts, as well as drawing and painting, jewelry making, and woodwork




Vine Village, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located in the Napa, CA Wine Country
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