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Vine Village, Inc, Napa, California - Serving People With Special Needs Since 1973


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Vine Village
From a hired hand 

It's hardly visible from the highway,
but once wandered into it,
you won't want to leave.
It's like happening on
a cool pristine spring
when your canteen runs dry
or like a friendly village
after miles of wilderness.
Seldom is heard there
a disheartening word.
The people are like family.
When nobody wants you,
they will take you in.

 - Dennis Johns
Vine Village's Poet Laureate




















Vine Village, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located in the Napa, CA Wine Country

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Vine Village was founded in 1973 by George and Grace Kerson and Dante Bagnani, two families with developmentally disabled children.

Vine Village, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide people with special needs with the same quality of life that should be the birthright of all citizens. To further this goal, Vine Village provides residential and day activities programs to people with special needs.

Vine Village, Inc. is a non-profit (501c(3)) organization, and is located in Napa, California, USA.

The Kerson and Bagnani families wanted an alternative to the isolation of "independent living," to the rigidity and depersonalization of large institutions, and the insecurity and constant staff turnover which characterize many small group and supported living living situations. They wanted more vocational options, which reflect community values as well as  individual differences and interests.

In short, they wanted their children with special needs to have the same quality of life as their non-handicapped peers.

The Kerson's son, Michael, and his wife, Nancy, have continuously directed Vine Village's growth and progress since 1973. Their daughter, Saanen, joined the staff in 2007. Today, Vine Village occupies a beautiful 25-acre ranch in the famed Carneros grape-growing region of southern Napa County, California.

(left) The program was turned over to the Kerson's son, Michael, and his wife, Nancy, in 1973 and they have been at the helm ever since.


(Above) They are now joined by daughter, Saanen, as Associate Director, shown here with her aunt, Debbie, a Vine Village resident


Vine Village has 2 primary program components:

  •  Residential Living: in three comfortable, family-like homes located just outside the city limits (for easy access and full inclusion in the greater Napa community) on a beautiful 25-acre working ranch.

  •  Vine Village Day Program - day activity center based around the arts and rural life.


    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Michael Kerson

    AssOCIATE Director: Saanen Kerson

    Teresa Gonzales, Robert McQueen, Anthony Tofanelli, Cyndi Weinstein, Anthony Withers

    Art Program Director: Catalina Arabia
    Teachers: Brian Cox, Sarah Richardson
    Music: Jack Dempsey

    Cheryl Kavicky